We Are Family

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When my mother and her brothers and sisters were children, on cold South Carolina nights, they would sing around the brick chimney, for warmth and to comfort their hungry bellies. When they grew into teenagers and moved up north they started a band and performed with the Temptations, Supremes and 4 tops, when those legends came through Cleveland in the 70’s. Eventually they stopped singing professionally and only harmonized at family gatherings and dinners. I was born into this scene of a family singing together at christmas or birthdays, our singing, soul music itself, is what I associate with family, belonging and love. So for me there didn’t seem to be any other thing to be but a soul singer.
I grew up in california where everyone is chasing a dream so i felt at home. It was natural for me to become a singer songwriter living in cafes and bars memorizing the rest stops on the 5 freeway, as I went from a background singer in my Grandmothers living room, to a road worn artist. So close to success with tv show placements, a Super Bowl commercial and record deals, you learn to live with hope and disappointment as modern soul singer, now the audience and my band are my family, and the stage is now Grandmas living room.

Staying true to my dream of touching peoples souls with my music, and that feeling of hope those kids had around the chimney, has kept me making music. Sharing my soul is how I grew up and what love , family and belonging means to me. Every time I walk out onto a stage it is like I’m going home to love and be loved.

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