Sam and Dave Hate Me…

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A career in the music business has its ups and its downs, sometimes its up,has its own down that comes with it. I’ve been privileged to receive  a record deal, a publishing deal, a song placement on HBO’s Weeds and I even sang on the Got Milk! Super Bowl commercial,  starring the Rock.

Needless to say a Super Bowl commercial is a big deal. Seen by millions of people during one of Americas biggest moments. I was honored to sing Sam and Daves classic Hold On Im Coming, while the Rock battled aliens to get milk to his kids. It was great, the highlight of my career up to that point, it proved to all the naysayers I wasn’t wasting my time and that I had a future in show biz.

click here to check out the commercial

Unfortunately one the millions watching was Sam Moore of Sam and Dave, and he didn’t like it that I was singing his song.  He didn’t like it so much he went to the press and threatened to sue me and everyone involved. Suddenly my career high was a big bummer. Now he didn’t write the song or own any copyrights and we had all the legal clearances for the performance but that didn’t matter in the court of public opinion. The feelings of a beloved soul legend always trumps the ambitions of an up and comer.

in the end Sam Moore didn’t sue and the matter was dropped, but so were all the plans for me working with the milk people again or the song being released as a single. I got a good story  out of it however, I imagined Mr. Moore calling Smokey Robinson or some other soul legend ,telling them to beat me up if they ever saw me. And besides how many people can say “Sam and Dave hate me”. 

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